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Truck Bedding, Fitted Sheets, Comforters
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Best Bedding Solution for difficult to make Beds!

Extra Long Twin Sheet Set for Sleeper Bunks

Our signature extra long twin sheet set was specially designed with your needs in mind.
It is the most efficient, easy to make and comfortable bedding solution on the market.
The sheet set is made of a luxurious brushed micro fiber fabric that is machine washable.
Because the top sheet is attached to the bottom fitted sheet along the wall side, making the bed
is a snap. It truly is the most hassle free bed straightening ever created.

The top sheet (duvet cover) is split on one side so that you can add an electric blanket or
comforter or our matching micro fibre comforter for added warmth.
The bottom fitted sheet has a quilted mattress pad (filled with high quality fibers
built into the top of the bottom fitted sheet for extra comfort.

Stretchy deep pockets with a strong elastic band around the circumference
is guaranteed to fit your mattress.
The pillow case also serves as your laundry or duffel bag.

Although designed initially for the sleepers in a truck, these work beautifully at home on
day or bunk beds. They also work in campers, travel trailers, horse trailers, boats,
and dormitory beds. Great for any twin bed that is difficult to make.
This set will fit any mattress from a standard to an extra long twin.

Demonstrates the attached top sheet along the wall.

Easy to make, looks neat.

Mobile InnerSpace Luxury Sheets make any Truck bunk a bed fit for a King of the Road!
Mobile InnerSpace offers luxury sheets specially made to fit the Luxury Mattress.
Traditionally, truck sheets include top and bottom sheets that are sewn together.
To prevent the binding, twisting, and discomfort that may result, Mobile InnerSpace created
luxury sheet sets with a separate, elasticized bottom sheet.
Mobile InnerSpace Luxury Sheets wrap drivers in gentle comfort,
so they get a good night’s sleep on the road.

Sheet set includes one large separate flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and one pillowcase.
Silky-smooth 100% polyester 200 count with finer texture and softer feel than typical truck sheets.
Fitted bottom sheet includes full elastic to keep it firmly in place.
Generously sized separate top sheet enhances sleeping comfort.

Available in three sizes:

• 35" x 79"
• 38" x 80"
• 42" x 80"



Sheet set with the comforter inside the duvet cover.

Now available, our luxurious quilted (duvet) comforter fits perfectly inside our sheet set.

The comforter attaches inside the split top sheets along the wall side with Velcro.

The Velcro keeps the quilt from shifting while you sleep.

This comforter will fit either the 35" x 80" or 40'" x 80" set.

Extend the life of your comfy cozy new quilted comforter.

Just insert and secure inside the split top sheets.

The quilt is made of the same microfiber fabric as the sheet set.

Machine washable, tumble dry.

Comforter made to fit inside top sheets!

XL 54" x 86" Duvet Quilted Comforters



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