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SuperSeat™ Orthopedic Seat Cushion

A Great Gift Idea for that 'Hard To Buy For' Person!

Orthopedic Seat Cushion For Back Pain Relief!
Patented design makes SuperSeat™ the ultimate comfort cushion!

Only $89.95
plus $19.95 Shipping and Handling
Continental U.S. only)

The patented SuperSeat™ is a thick seat cushion made of
specially formulated foam covered with soft, manmade sheepskin.
The SuperSeat™ relieves pain from prolonged sitting caused by backache,
arthritis, rheumatism, prostate problems, leg cramps, and hemorrhoids.

The SuperSeat™ supports and comfortably distributes body weight
while the spine and sensitive lower areas rest in a
specially designed recess in the bottom of the cushion.

The unique shape and design of the cut-out in the bottom cushion
allow the spine and sensitive lower areas to be suspended in mid-air.
Pressure and pain on sensitive areas is immediately relieved while
the back and legs are cradled in soft foam and sheepskin.

Doctors and chiropractors recommend SuperSeat™ for their
patients who suffer from many types of painful conditions.  

The SuperSeat™ is covered in high quality man made sheepskin
- the same type of soft sheepskin used in hospitals
and nursing homes to treat bed sores.
The sheepskin provides both warmth in winter
and refreshing coolness during the summer.

SuperSeat™ is hand made in North Carolina
from only the finest American-made materials.
The SuperSeat™ utilizes heavy duty anchors to hold it
securely in place to prevent slipping and movement.

Periodic brushing of the fleece and washing of the cover
is the only maintenance SuperSeat™ will ever need
to provide years of pain relief and comfort. 

SuperSeat™ has provided pain relief to thousands of people since 1973! 

Why Suffer Needlessly? Get Immediate Pain Relief with SuperSeat™

Long Distance Truck Drivers Love the SuperSeat™

Who knows the back pain involved in sitting for long
periods of time better than professional truck drivers? 
Being paid by the mile and on a tight schedule,
the driver does not have the time to stop for back pain.

Every professional driver needs a SuperSeat™
to relieve the pain that comes from driving long periods
of time and the constant jarring of the tractor.
Whether the tractor is a cab over or conventional,
they all bounce and jar the driver.

What better solution to this problem than the SuperSeat™? 
It was originally designed by a truck driver for his own back pain!

Since 1973, the SuperSeat™ has provided pain relief for tens of
thousands of professional drivers in the United States and Canada!
(And, the cost of the SuperSeat™ can be tax deductible.)

The best way to tell a professional driver how well the SuperSeat™
works is to provide unsolicited testimonials from other drivers:

"I really like your SuperSeat.
I am a commercial truck driver for Consolidate Freightways out of Richland, MS.
I put 112,000 miles a year on your seat."
- Joseph Wauck, Brandon, MS

"Up until I started using my SuperSeat, my back was hurting the entire trip.
But no more, thanks to the SuperSeat."
- Ronald Garverich, Albequerque, NM

"I have been using one of your SuperSeats for the past three years
and have found it to be everything you claim it to be.
I can honestly recommend it for truck drivers who
suffer from tailbone, hemorrhoid or prostate problems."
- Alex Guiderono, Phoenix, AZ

"This is an unsolicited letter to let you know
how much I appreciate my SuperSeat.
I am a charter bus driver and have traveled with
my SuperSeat some 80-85,000 miles per year.
Mine is has been a great blessing.
May you take great pleasure in knowing you
are helping others who ride or sit a lot."
- Stanton Perry, Seymour, CT

"My husband drives for Yellow Freight and he swears the
SuperSeat is the best thing he has ever had for his back."
- Cathy Grimm, St. Louis MO

"I am a Yellow Freight driver and I carry my SuperSeat every trip.
SuperSeat lives up to its name."
- Sherman Brattin, Springfield, MO

"After my first day of using the SuperSeat,
I experienced immediate comfort, which is so important
to a long distance traveling person.
Your product is worth every cent."
- Tom Powell, Charlotte, NC

Quality Construction
Each SuperSeat is hand made in the USA
of American materials and features:

• Double stitched seams • Reinforced stress points

• Color coordinated heavy-duty backing

Hospital-grade fleece covering cools in summer and warms in winter

• Tough elastic holds the SuperSeat securely in place

• Super Seats can be easily machine washed

• Hinged for folding and easy carrying

• Available in Blue Denim Backing Color.

Super Seat Orthopedic Seat Cushion (Denim Backing)

plus $19.95 Shipping and Handling
(Continental U.S. only)


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