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Strap Pusher

Safety and Savings

Get your trucks out of the yard and on the road safer and faster.
The new Rankee Strap Pusher allows you to load your trucks efficiently with two forklift
drops instead of four. Your forklift and operator will no longer sit and wait
for the lower bunks to be secured. And crews won't be climbing all over loads
to place tie-down corners on upper bunks. A practice that is both dangerous
and time consuming.
Rankee telescoping aluminum handles are not only lightweight,
they're built to the highest industry standards and fit most winch, cargo and truck straps.
Designed to extend to over eight feet & shy; perfect for standard truck beds.
The Rankee strap pusher quickly retracts to easily store in side job boxes or behind the seat.

The Rankee Strap Pusher handle is versatile, lightweight, durable anodized high tensile drawn
aluminum with machine turned threads, that assures an easier to use handle that is
well balanced, yet offers maximum strength. The smooth twist lock cam and
rolled tube edges allows the handle to be locked at any length in between 4' to 8',
and each handle is provided with a comfortable non-slip premium black vinyl hand grip and
a clear satin finish that resists corrosion.

The Rankee strap head is made from machine grade 661-aluminum,
and is very lightweight yet very durable. The width of the head will handle
all of today's winch, cargo and truck straps. Not only can it push straps through the load,
you can use it to place your corners on those hard to reach areas. The Rankee
Strap Pusher allows you to secure your complete load while standing on the ground.

Strap Pusher

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