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Super Dolly Pads, Trailer Pads, RV Pads

Super Dolly Trailer Pads

Fulfilling a need for the trucking industry, the Super Dolly Trailer/Bus Pad
has become the product of choice for truckers and the trucking industry.
The development and technology behind this product provides a safe, quick
and easy way to prevent stabilizer legs from sinking into the ground or Tarmac.

No more tipped trailers, broken wooden blocks and damaged lots!

• Made from Injection molded high density polypropylene plastic
• Weighs just 6 pounds, no more heavy wooden or metal pads to lift around
• Dimensions 15” x 17” x 1” thick
• Honey comb design allows pad to draw strength from entire surface
• Pad will hold 100,000 pounds
• Works well in extreme temperatures
• Easy to clean and store
• No more slivers
• Use flat side down
• Will not soak up water
• Stops costly repairs to landing gear or tow charges when trailer sinks into ground or asphalt
• No more paying for parking lot damage
• Do not use as bridging device (very important)

Super Dolly Trailer Pads
Part No. 007-87825
Only $78.95 for a 2 Pack
plus Shipping and Handling

Super RV Jack Pads

The Ulimate Multi-Use Jack Pad
Ideal for:
Class A Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels, Horse Trailers,
Boat Trailers, Pick-Ups and Automobiles

• Made from Injection molded high density polypropylene plastic
• Built in handle
• Dimensions 10”x 14” by 3/4” thick
• Each pad weighs only 1.3 pounds
• Available in 2-packs and 4-packs
• Pad will hold 40,000 Pounds
• Easy to clean and store
• Use flat (smooth) side down
• 5 Year Replacement Warranty

Safety Issue
If you are unlucky and get a flat driving on the highway,
these amazing jack pads allow you to pull off the highway and
safely jack up your vehicle on almost any surface, quickly and easily.
Don't leave home without one!

Super RV Jack Pads
Part No. 007-27257

$28.95 for a 2 Pack
Plus Shipping and Handling

Super RV Jack Pads
Part No. 007-472575
$48.50 for a 4 Pack
Plus Shipping and Handling



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