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PowerFlare® Safety Lights

PowerFlare® products provide a powerful, dynamic lighting platform for applications such as:

• Search and Rescue (SAR) operations: tag areas and items; personal safety light;
Emergency Response Teams (ERT, CERT)
• Use as lantern in case of power failure, earthquake, hurricane or other disasters
(get one for your disaster kit today!)
• Attach as a safety light for bicycles and motorcycles (provides 360° coverage)
• Helicopter Landing Zones (LZ)
• SCUBA Diving, Boating and Marine Operations
Waterproof to 80' (Professional Dive Model to 300')
• Work zone safety: mount on Cones or Barricades
• Tactical operations (military and SWAT):Infared (IR) Version available

Play the video above to see Police, Fire, Coast Guard and other users deploying
PowerFlare Safety Lights and learn about the environmental problems from Perchlorate Flares.

Each PowerFlare® unit is about the size of a hockey puck yet is strong enough
to withstand being run over by trucks and vehicles at highway speeds.

• 10 Flash Patterns, including ‘S-O-S’
• LEDs Flash up to 100 Hours on 1 Battery (or charge)
• High Grade Military Polymer Shell
• Waterproof
• Environmentally Friendly and Easy to Use
• LED Light Colors: Red, Amber (Yellow), Blue, Green, White, and Infrared (IR)

Government agencies and commercial fleets are moving away from incendiary flares
because of pollution, fire danger, and liability. The example above is a police car burned
and destroyed from a flare catching on fire in the trunk.

There are two versions of the PowerFlare® Safety Light: the Rechargeable version and the new
Model PF-200 which features a user-replaceable CR123 lithium battery.

The rechargeable units are designed for daily use (smart charger; no "memory effect"),
while the PF-200 model is ideal to keep in the trunk of your car or a first aid kit, etc.

All of our products share the amazing ruggedness and brightness that make PowerFlare® Safety
Lights popular with public safety agencies, companies, and individual consumers alike.

PowerFlare® units can be put in any standard traffic cone to make them more visible.

Our products are in use by agencies including Police and Sheriff Departments, Fire Departments,
the U.S. Military, the Department of Homeland Security, as well as commercial organizations
and safety-minded consumers.

• Economical
The PowerFlare® product pays for itself in less than 24 hours of use
by eliminating the expense of flares and by reducing labor and risk to personnel.

• Superior Visibility & Safety
Super-bright beacon light can be seen for miles.
Unlike incendiary flares, the unit is not a fire hazard and creates no noxious, toxic fumes.

• Durable & Reliable
Can withstand demanding road conditions.
No chemicals to decompose. No corrosion. Ready to go when you need it.

• Rechargeable or Long-Life Lithium Battery Version
You can purchase the model that suits your needs.

• Deployable in Harsh Environments
Can be used in hot or freezing temperatures and underwater.
Safe to use in gasoline and many HAZMAT situations (intrinsically safe).
No harm to the environment.

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PowerFlare® PF-200 Safety Light

PowerFlare® PF-200 Safety Light
Ideal to keep in the trunk of your car or in a first aid kit, etc.
Uses a Lithium CR123 battery that has a 10 year shelf-life and won't leak in harsh temperatures.
Features 10 user-selectable flash patterns, including Coast Guard "SOS" Morse code for rescue
and solid-on (lantern) mode for use as a lantern or power-fail light.
LED colors: red, amber/yellow, blue, green, white, and infrared (IR).
Outer shell (housing) color options:
Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, Hot Pink, Green, Tan, Black and Olive Drab (OD).
Product Number: PF-200

PowerFlare® PF-200 Tactical Beacon

PowerFlare® PF-200 Tactical Beacon
Infrared (IR) illumination; emits infrared light that is invisible to the unaided eye
(visble only with night vision (NVG) equipment).

Homeland Security, SWAT & Military Applications
Invented by a police officer, the new PowerFlare® PF-200 Tactical Beacon is an essential
piece of equipment to have in a wide range of law enforcement and military scenarios.
PowerFlare Tactical Beacons can be used to extend the range of night vision equipment
by providing Infrared (IR) source illumination.
For example, a SWAT member can deploy a PowerFlare unit into a search area
and be able to see further with NVG equipment.
Works with all generations of NVGs. Multiple user-selectable flash patterns.

This compact (4”) device emits 360° of IR LED light (invisible to the human eye),
visible for up to 10 miles away with NVGs or FLIR (on low-light camera mode).
It is waterproof and so tough, you can run it over with a fire truck.

Applications include:
• Personnel ID (IFF)
• NVG illuminator (confined space, building search, etc.)
• Mark drop areas, assets, targets (narco surveillance)
• SCUBA diving and marine operations: waterproof to 300’ & positively buoyant (floats)
• Rescue Signal (extraction)
• Covert Helicopter Landing Zones (LZ)
• Visible light models also available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White

Unlike flashlights with alkaline batteries or light sticks, PowerFlare units can handle
extreme temperatures, can be used in HAZMAT and EOD situations (intrinsically safe)
and feature an amazing 10 year storage/shelf life with lithium batteries that never leak.

The LED bulbs are unbreakable and can operate thousands of hours.
PowerFlare IR Tactical Beacons are currently in use by military Special Forces
as well as law enforcement tactical (SWAT) teams.

Please contact us today for further information.

The PowerFlare PF-200R 6-Pack Rechargeable System

The PowerFlare PF-200R 6-Pack Rechargeable System comes with 6
of the PF- 200R beacons in a rugged recharging case.
The recharger is plugged into a vehicle hot point (12-30VDC) or, for charging
in the office or home, can be plugged into a 120VAC receptacle with optional adapter.
This System is designed to be used on a regular or daily basis.
The RCR-123 Li-Ion rechargeable batteries are replaceable at the end of their useful life
(usually 3 - 5 years).

We work with PO #'s for Police, Fire, Rescue and other agencies.
Net 30 to Departments and Dealers with Approved Credit.

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