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TruckersMall News Archives

December 2012

We would like to wish everyone a Happy and Safe Holiday Season
from all of us here at TruckersMall!

Safety Issues

For truckers, this time of year creates a new safety issue that can go unnoticed.
As the temperature drops outside, the use of the truck's heater increases, and the thoughts
of food safety that is in everyone's mind during the summer months is not even a flicker.
Remember to check your fridge to make sure it is keeping the food at a safe temperature.
The FDA recommends the temperature of 40 °F or below for the refrigerator
and the freezer should be at 0 °F.

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End of the Year Budget

As the year winds down, and our attentions turn to all the activities of the holiday season,
remember to order early, to get the rest of your annual budget used up.
The most popular safety items this year, have been the safety ladders and the
LED safety lights. Get your tax deductions while there still are tax deductions.

New Products

Super Dolly Trailer Pads are great at stabilizing trailers on unstable ground.
TruckersMall wants to announce we have now increased our product offering with the
Super Dolly Industrial Pads. They come in standard and custom sizes available with a
minimum of 3" thick. They are great for picker trucks, small cranes, mobile cranes, etc.


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Product Update
The Aluminum Work Platforms with Guardrails have steadily increased in popularity since we introduced them. Now they are ANSI rated, which is just another reason to add them to your companies safety equipment.


Aluminum Work Platform

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Under this ANSI Rating A10.8
Person-Loading Requirements
Test loads for the per-person rating were established as follows:
1-Man Rating Required Test Load = (1) x 250lbs x 4*=1,000lbs
2-Man Rating Required Test Load = (2) x 250lbs x 4*=2,000lbs
3-Man Rating Required Test Load = (3) x 250lbs x 4*=3,000lbs
* factor of safety required by ANSI
 Here are the results of the two ANSI ratings:
4ft Aluminum Platform with Guardrail - ANSI A10.8
The four foot platform exceeds the requirements for 3-man rating.
A safety factor of 4 is required to obtain the ANSI rating,
and the 4ft Aluminum Platform with Guardrail garnered a 9.

8ft Aluminum Platform with Guardrail - ANSI A10.8 
The eight foot platform also far exceeds the requirements for 3-man rating

Happy Holidays!

November 2012

This month we are looking at answering the age old question.
"What do I buy them for Christmas?"
We are listing several of our most popular gift items for this time of year.
Remember to order early to make sure that the gift arrives for the holidays.
You can also mention us to your friends and family to give them
a hint on what you want or would like to receive this holiday season.

Turboflare 360 is an affordable and dependable LED flare that is great
for individuals in their personal vehicle to the professional
(truck driver, tow truck operator, emergency workers, etc.).
They are also great for construction workers

Great Gift Idea!

Turboflare 360
Click image for more information!

Total Flare has 48 LED that is visible at night for up to 2 miles horizontally,
and up to 10 miles from the air. Each unit has up to 20 hours of battery life.
See all the great features!


Total Flare

Click image for more information!

FoxFire LED Lights are safety lights that are available in red and amber.
They are available in several different combinations and with your choice of regular
magnets or 90# magnets. The FoxFire's are very rugged and will make sure
you are visible for added safety.


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Endless Breeze Portable Fans are powerful, with high volume 12 volt fan
with a 12" blade that operates at 3 speeds. Air movement of up to 1000 CFM
(cubic feet per minute). It is compact 14" high x 3" thick, weighs less than 5 pounds
and comes with a 6' cord. Maximum amp draw is less than 3 amps per hour.
These not only great for semis, but also in RV and camping!


Endless Breeze Truck Fans

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Truckers Bed Comforter and Sheet Sets are made specifically with the truck driver in mind.
The 400 thread count sheets come with a top sheet that is split to house electric blanket/ comforter and is attached to the bottom sheet along the wall side. The bottom sheet is fitted
and has deep pockets to adjust to various mattress thicknesses


Truckers Bed

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The Mobile Innerspace Luxury Mattress is constructed of 100% Verflex Core,
which is a special open cell material that conforms to the contours of your body.
This eliminates the uncomfortable lumps, bumps and pressure points that can prevent
a good night's sleep. Check the various sizes to fit your sleeper today


Truck Luxury Mattresses
Click image for more information!

Custom Mud Flaps. We can do as few as one pair with just lettering using our
House Lettering, or if you want a design on the mud flaps with our Reflective process.
The examples of these processes we use to create custom mud flaps can be found on our website. This product must be ordered by Nov. 30, 2012.

Click image for more information!

We Offer Different Materials and Styles
to Meet Any Budget!


custom reflective mudflaps

Click image for more information!

Time Bandit is a new product that began from a ticket.
If you have ever not had the time to roll and store your straps properly, then you know the situation.
All the consequences you could face going through a police inspection.
The inventors of the Time Bandit had to pay the ticket, and in hindsight,
it was the luckiest ticket they ever received.
Thanks to their ingenuity, you will never have to be in that situation. The Time Bandit comes in
several different models that roll up straps quickly and neatly. In addition to the time saving,
Time Bandit also helps provide a safer working environment by reducing the hand and
arm strain of manually rolling up straps.

Electric Cargo Strap Winder

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Bug Screens and Winter Fronts are always a great gift for the trucker driver
to help keep the bugs out of the radiator and get the engine warmed up.



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In addition to the Super Dolly Trailer and Jack Pads, we have now added
the Super Dolly Industrial Pads. Check out the links below!


Trailer and Jack Pads

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Click image for more information!

October 2012

This month we are covering the problems driver are starting to face with
vehicle-deer collisions and the safety prospect of the ice and snow for you,
your workers and visitors.
We also want to remind the truck drivers out there, that now is a great time to
order your winter fronts. Get them now before you need them.

Vehicle - Deer Collisions

The rising inquiries into the Rigguard products,
lets us know that it is the time of year that deer are migrating.

Rigguard Bumper Guards
Click image for more information!

According to State Farm Insurance Co., there are an estimated 1.09 million
Vehicle - Deer Collisions per year and the top claims occur in November
followed by October, then December.

Here is their list of top states in the U.S.

1. West Virginia 
2. Iowa
3. South Dakota
4. Pennsylvania
5. Michigan
6. Montana
7. Wisconsin
8. Minnesota
9. North Dakota
10. Wyoming

Here are some stats and tips to help during this time of year

• Most Vehicle - Deer Collisions occur between 6pm and 9pm
• If you see one deer there are probably more
• Don’t rely on deer whistles to keep you safe
• Use your hi-beams when you can

Slips and Falls During the Coming Seasons

The prospect of winter storms grows as we progress through fall into the winter season.
Businesses need to remember with winter storms also comes the prospect of slips and falls.
Removing the snow and ice is a small part of the equation.

According to the Workers Compensation Fund
• 80% of slips and falls occur in the parking lot and on sidewalks
• 50% of slips and falls occur between the hours of 6am and noon.
Here are a few tips to reduce slips and falls.
• Create a program/action plan, have the equipment and supplies
• Stay vigilant to keep on top of the changing situation
• Keep De-icer (Salt) and Abrasive (Sand) at the entrances
• At every entrance put down mats/rugs etc.
Keep extra set to change out when they become wet otherwise,
you will be moving the slip and fall danger zone inside.

There are many other issues to consider and that is why it is important to plan now.

Have your worker(s) prepared to take action with the right equipment and supplies
to keep both your workers and visitors safe

Here are some helpful items we carry for the winter season:


• SOS Storage Bins (great for storing salt and sand)
• Ice Melt / De-Icer • Spreaders • Shovels • Carts • Mats / Rugs
• Safety Floor Signs and Cones • Mops and Floor Squeegees • Mop Buckets / Wringers

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Special Offer this month is $50.00 off on a Rigguard
Must call in to order and mention the Newsletter Mid-October 2012
Cannot be combined with other offers.
Expires: November 15, 2012

September 2012

Mud Flap Season

Late summer and early fall is traditionally the beginning of mud flap season.
With that in mind we wanted to provide some of the information
that is most frequently asked about mud flap requirements.
First off, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
has no requirements that cover mud flaps (aka splash guards).

This means that any regulations on mud flaps come from the states and are not uniform
across the country. Because the fines for not meeting a state's requirements
on mud flaps is usually more than the cost of the mud flaps,
we constantly are asked how to stay in compliant across the board.

Here's a general guideline to follow:

How can you be safe in most states?
Make sure the mud flaps are wider than the tires and that the mud flaps
cover from the top of the tire to 6" - 7" from the ground.

Click image for more information!

We Offer Different Materials and Styles
to Meet Any Budget!


custom reflective mudflaps

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Fall Driving Changes

Construction Zones use to be a spring/summer occurrence, now it seems
to run 8-10 months out of the year. Although we are used to the reduced speeds
in these zones, we now also have some more reasons to reduce speed.

School is Back In Session
With most schools back in session, we need to reduce speeds in the school zones.
Most police departments are setting up more visible patrols
to get drivers back into the groove.

"Watch For Farmers"
With the late summer comes the beginning of harvest season.
Most of us have been behind the 15-20 mph farm machinery with a line of cars backed up.
This is the time to be aware and drive defensively.
The accident you avoid may not be the one that you cause,
but it can be the one that saves lives!

If you do have to be on the road in a slow moving vehicle or parked close
to the road make sure you are seen. Remember to have a light like our Foxfire Light.
The extra visibility it provides can be the difference between being seen
and avoided or invisible and hit. This is especially true in the dawn and dusk hours
when the sun is in the wrong position and blinding drivers.

Click image for more information!

Another product that can be extremely helpful to truck drivers during this time,
are our Reflective Safety Banner.

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July 2012

To Our Valued Customers
With construction season in full swing, we wanted to remind everyone to check
their safety equipment and to go over the safety concerns we all need to be aware of
with the excessive heat we are experiencing.
Drink Plenty of Fluids
Increase your fluid intake, no matter how active you are.
Drink before you are thirsty.
Avoid alcohol and high sugar drinks as these can actually take fluid out of your body.
Also do not drink very cold fluids as this can lead to cramping.

Wear as little as possible and apply sunscreen if you are outside.
• Lightweight clothes
• Light color clothes
• Loose fitting clothes
• Hats and sunglasses if outside

Schedule Outside Activities
Try to avoid the heat of the day by scheduling activities early or late.
If you must be outside, make sure to take frequent breaks in the shade
or air conditioned areas. Work in teams so you can monitor each other.
Here are some of the signs of Heat Stroke:
• 103 degree or higher temperature
• Rapid Pulse
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Dry Skin (Red & Hot)
• Nausea
• Mental Disorientation
• Passing Out
What you should do if someone is experience this call for assistance and ask the emergency
operator what  to do for the victim until the E.M.T.s arrive.
Click on link below for a more indept explanation of all things heat related from the CDC.

With the excessive heat that is happening right now, and the heat that is predicted
to happen the rest of the summer, we wanted to offer tips for surviving this hot summer.

Truckers Mall
For questions or to Order: sales@truckersmall.net

(888) 481-7446
(815) 998-2547

June 2012


Time Bandit - Is a new product that all started from a ticket.
If you have ever not had the time to roll and store your straps properly, then you know
the situation. All the consequences you could face going through a police inspection.
The inventors of the Time Bandit had to pay the ticket, and in hindsight,
it was the luckiest ticket they ever received.

Click image for more information!

Thanks to their ingenuity, you will never have to be in that situation.
The Time Bandit comes in several different models that roll up straps quickly and neatly.
In addition to the time saving, Time Bandit also helps provide a safer working environment
by reducing the hand and arm strain of manually rolling up straps.

With the Pilot Car / Construction season hitting its stride,
we have several products that will help the truck driver,
construction and pilot car areas.

Check out our whole new line of flags and accessories by MS Carita.
Our customers have asked for it and now we have Flags.
The flags come in many different styles to help construction, truckers
and pilot cars to stay legal and work safe.

Click image above for more information!

Another item we have had for years that always seems to be popular this time
of year are our 27' Measuring Pole and the 15' Load Measuring Sticks.

15' Load Measuring Stick - will help to keep you under that 15' mark.
The stick comes with a 4' bar that fold up to horizontal position which helps in
measuring the load and can be used to measure the access clearance.
The three sections are made from fiberglass.

Load Measuring Stick

Click image for more information!
 27' Measuring Pole - is great when you want to measure clearance for bridges,
over hangs, etc. It will exactly measurements up to 27' with it conveniently
located height indicator mounted to the bottom section of the pole.
The seven fiberglass sections telescope down to a compact 56" long
and weighs less than 5 pounds.

27' Measuring Pole

Click image for more information!

An option that we have for the 27' Measuring Pole is the 3' Retrofit Kit,
it is a 3' retractable blade that fold up to the horizontal position. 
With the addition of the retro fit kit, the versatility of the product goes well
beyond most other height poles on the market.

May 2012

The Ultimate Safety Lighting Solution

From the creators of the industry's best selling "TurboFlare 360" and "ProFlare,"
comes the ultimate LED safety light solution.

TotalFlare is specifically designed by industry pioneers for public safety agencies
and commercial fleets who are moving away from hazardous incendiary road flares
because of safety, pollution, fire danger and liability.
The TotalFlare LED safety light is the culmination of ten years of leadership,
innovation and field experience in the electronic road flare business.

This commercial-grade product is the most technologically advanced electronic road flare
and only proven day and night time replacement for hazardous incendiary road flares.


Total Flare

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March 2012

Compliance Laws are changing.
We have added the Yellow Rack to our site to help truckers and companies
keep compliant with the new Law that no bars, brooms or other
freight restraint products can lay loose in the back of a truck.
All equipment must be secured.

Yellow Rack™ Cargo Equipment Storage Rack

Click on image above to find out more!

January 2012

Due to safety concerns and insurance/comp changes,
we have added more Safety Products.including the STEP-A-SIDE Truck Ladder
and Aluminum Work Platforms. See the links to there New Safety Products below.


Click on image above for more information

Aluminum Work Platform

Click on image above for more information

March 2011

We have listened to our visitors and made a new SITE INDEX page
to make it easier to find the products they are looking for.

Click on image above to find out more!

With our alphabetized list, our customers can go right to what they need.
There is a new link at the top of each page, so no matter hoe they enter our site,
the customer can navigate to the product they need.

New products are constantly added at the bottom of the list for quick reference.

February 2011

Bustin Ladders featuring their Slide Away Ladders and Slide Away Steps
have been added to our constantly growing variety of Truck Safety Ladders.

Click on image above to find out more!

January 2011

Truckers Mall.net purchases Super Seat Cushion, Inc. from ownerJohn Vandiver.
Truckers Mall has been a dealer for Super Seat Cushion since 2003.
John Vandiver who has owned Super Seat Cushion for 5 years was wanting to retire.
Truckers Mall has been the main reseller for many years and John approached us
about taking it over so he could retire. We felt that it was a good fit for us and
would help to keep prices under control for our customers.
Super Seat Cushions have always been made with pride in the USA.
We look forward to continuing in that tradition!

Click above for more information!

July 2010

The Eco Trucker Ladder has been added to our line
of Truck Safety Ladders.The Eco Trucker is the affordable alternative to
safely accessing your flat bed trailer.


Click on image above to find out more!

June 2010

Ebay store opened.

To visit our ebay® store, click on the Banner.

For our customers that like the security of buying through a company
that they know and trust. More products will be added in the future and we
will be using our store on Ebay to list our discontinued products and closeouts.
If there is a product you would like to purchase this way, we can provide you with
a special listing and send you the link for checkout on EBay.

November 2009


We can now duplicate your custom logo onto floor mats!
Give us a call with your specific details
and we can price them for you.
Pictures and more information coming soon!

We can now put your logo on any of these items
for you, your company or your organization.
We will be updating our site soon with pictures and pricing.
Until then, please give us a call and we
will answer all your questions!

Call us today for details!

June 2008

Truckers Mall.net is expanding our product lines
to better serve our customers.
We have taken on the RoadWorks Truck Accessories product line and will
be offering great prices to save our customers their hard earned dollars!

Click on image above for more information

Truckers Mall.net is taking on several new product lines as well.
These will include Milton Industries Air Pressure Equipment,
Big Rig Accessories from EGR,
Southern Stamping for all your bumper needs
along with In Com Safety Tapes.

June 2008

It's been awhile since our last NEWS update but we have been very
busy and 2008 has indeed been a year of growth for TruckersMall.net

Inventory Sale!
While adding new products to our business, we must
move some existing stock and products.
We are offering discounts on everything in stock
and will be offering discounts on other products as well.

Call us Toll Free at 1-888-481-7446
for a price quote on your needs today!

January 2007

2006 was a year of positive growth for the trucking industry.
Here at Truckers Mall.net we have added many new products
to help truck drivers and companies meet new challenges
and to make life easier and safer.

In 2006 some of the new products we added include
Tundra Refrigerators, Site Safe Ladders and Deckmate Ladders.
Eagle products are now featured which include ramps,
storage cabinets, pole guards and bumper pads.
We have also added more varieties of ramps and other products
in addition to those lines to better fit your working needs.

2007 will be another year of growth here at Truckers Mall.net.
We will be continue to add more products to make your job safer
and to help make life on the road more bearable.
We look forward to growing with you!

June 2006

We have been adding more new products,
updating our mail servers and adding
additional help to better serve your needs.
Our Online Store is now Open 24/7
Operators and Live Help Available
7am CST to 6pm CST Monday - Friday

January 2006

Truckers Mall.net partners with NTA
(National Truckers Association)
to offer their members discounts.

November 2005

Truckers Mall.net partners with UTA
(United Truckers Association)
to offer their members discounts.

July 2005

Truckers Mall.net develops Digitally printed mud flaps.
Pete Petropoul- President & CEO of Truckers Mall.net
and staff have developed the process of digitally printing logos,
custom artwork, designs and individually personalizing
mud flaps for the trucking industry.
According to Mr. Petropoul, "There are many independent
owner operators, company drivers and small fleets
that want to personalize their flaps.

There were very few options for them with minimum purchase requirements.
With our process, we can reproduce full color logos on as few as one pair.
With digital printing, we can meet any color spec's no matter
how big or small your company is.
Many companies have a minimum of 25 pair requirements.
These processes also have a charge per color.
We have offered screen printing for years now with the
minimum requirement but there is still an additional charge per color.
With the digital printing, there is one charge for full color."

April 2005

We now offer Credit Card Toll Free Phone
Ordering for your convenience.
This will also make it easier for truckers to place
orders while traveling on the road.

The Truckers Mall.net website has also been adding

more shopping carts to each page and product to
assist you in your ease of shopping and ordering.

March 2005

November 2004

Truckers Mall.net is working with OOIDA
(Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association)
to produce bug screens with their logo and design.

September 2004

Truckers Mall.net developed a process to economically
put logos, custom designs and to personalize bug screens
for drivers on orders as few as one bug screen.

According to Pete Petropoul, President & CEO of Truckers Mall.net,
"We have developed a way to produce full color logo's for
companies and drivers with the purchase of as few as one bug screen.
Most companies out there can come close to this with screen printing,
cutting solid vinyls or layering material.
We use a state of the art ink jet printing process to reproduce
designs, custom artwork or company logos.
This process helps us keep the cost down and make it more feasible
and economical for smaller companies to get what they want."

April 2004

Truckers Mall.net launches it's new
BONUS BUCKS Rewards Points Program.
For more information click on the banner below.

February 2004

Beginning Monday, February 16, 2004
Truckers Mall.net is doing a Nationwide Advertising
Campaign on the Overdrive Top Ten Countown
targeting our Customized Bug Screens and
promoting our new Bonus Bucks Rewards program.

June 4, 2003

Truckersmall.net Press Release


Truckers mall.net is introducing another new product to market called
"Decorative Truck Window Scenes". The Window Scences are
"one size fits all," are easy to install and are reusable.
Our "Decorative Truck Window Scenes" are made of a vinyl
mesh and are ink jet printed in a number of different designs.
Our product lets people display their favorite sport, hobby or patriotism
in the rear window of either their full size or compact truck.
These mesh banners allow driver visibility, while from the outside
working as a shade with the design helping to block the interior view.
These window scenes are also extremely fade resistant.
Unlike other design products that adhere to the glass, there are no
installation problems of trimming or air bubbles and no worry about
damaging defroster heating elements.

POW/MIA USA style shown above.

The window scenes come in one size that fits all trucks.
The corners are double grommeted and install with suction cups.
To fit full size trucks, install the suction cups in the outside holes.
To fit smaller trucks (like S-10 and Rangers) simply fold the corners
in to the second set of grommets and install the suction cups through
both sets of grommets.
Full size, the scenes are 12" x 48" and compact size is 12" x 42".
You choose the size and just insert the suction cups!

Each display comes complete with 4 suction cups
to install easily in any truck window!

We offer 5 standard designs and can also custom print any design.
The standard designs include: POW/MIA/USA flag,
Rebel flag, hunting scene, fishing scene and checkered flag.

For more information,
visit us on the web at: www.truckersmall.net
or call us toll free at 1-888-481-7446.

Article in Road King

May/June 2002

Grille of Your Dreams

TruckersMall.net offers new decorative grille covers that can be
custom-made with company logos, names or other messages.
The vinyl mesh covers range in sizes from 18-by-18 inches all the
way up to full grille sizes. They are hemmed and grommeted
for durability and are extremely fade resistant.
Call (888) 481-7446 or visit www.truckersmall.net
for more information and pricing.

Article from eTrucker

Article from The Daily Leader (Pontiac, IL)
as it appeared on Thursday, January 31, 2002

Truckersmall.net Press Release


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