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HERD Integrated Vehicle Protection
Bullbars, Grill Guards, Cow Catchers, Roo Bars, Moose Bumpers


Bumper Guards

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Some call them grill guards, cow catchers, roo-bars,
moose bumpers, and most often, bullbars...
A HERD grill guard is Integrated Vehicle Protection...

Experienced engineers design each HERD grill guard and bullbar to
structurally enhance the front end of your semi-truck or commercial transport.
The superior strength of a HERD provides you with the very best
collision protection against elk, deer, moose, debris
and any other obstruction that dares get in your way.

Whether you choose a Herd Defender, Aero, AeroLT, Road Train
or Super Road Train you can always count on us
to go out of our way™ in everything we do.

No other manufacturer builds Multi-Impact Protection (MIP™)
into the front of your semi-truck like HERD.

HERD is an industry leading manufacturer of aluminum front end
vehicle protection systems for semi-truck and working class pickup trucks.

Commonly known as bull bars, moose bumpers, grill guards, deer deflectors
or cow catchers, HERD bumpers offer a premium solution for serious
wildlife collision protection and safety for truck drivers.
HERD's truck protection products are available for big rigs and
domestic heavy duty pickup trucks in Canada and the United States
through authorized distributors, dealers and premium custom truck outfitters.

A HERD grill guard, simply put, is advanced front-end protection for
your semi-truck, commercial transport, or working-class pickup.
Each HERD is an exceptionally strong, integrated aluminum bumper and grill guard
assembly that fastens to the frame of your truck using a structural steel sub-frame.

How does HERD grill guard work?
Your HERD grill guard is designed to withstand multiple impacts that would
otherwise damage your truck or completely remove it from service.
Each HERD reinforced aluminum bumper has been engineered to both deflect
obstacles and/or absorb and transfer the forces of any impact to the vehicle frame.

How is a HERD bull bar created?
HERD is a make-to-order design and production facility.
Each HERD bull bar is designed on-site for your truck's specific
brand, style, selected options and model-year.

How is are HERD products installed?
A HERD grill guard or bumper is physically mounted
and incorporated into the front end of your truck's body.
Your grill guard or bumper can be self-installed at your
own site or by your dealer of choice.

What does a HERD grill guard and bumper protect against?
Once installed, a HERD enhances the strength of your entire front end,
fortifying it against impact and obstacles, defending your truck against damage
and guarding you against down-time.

HERD grill guards, bull bars, and bumpers work hard
to keep you on the road, and on-time. 

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