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Fork Lift Grip Pads

What are ForkGrips?

ForkGrips are an incredibly useful tool you use with
your forklift to help unload flat-bed trucks, box trucks,
pick-up trucks, and vans. ForkGrips, safely and easily,
help you drag loads that are barely within reach of
the tips of the forks closer to the edge of the truck so
unloading is easy. Try ForkGrips today.
They work hard so you don't have to!

How ForkGrips Work

Unloading a truck

In this situation the forks barely reach under the
pallet that needs to be removed from the truck.
Typically, someone would need to climb onto the
truck to help push, pull, or pry the pallet or tub off
the truck bed or a chain would be used to drag the
item off of the truck.

Forks are too short and barely reach under the load.

Installing ForkGrips

Simply, slipping ForkGrips onto the ends of the
forks takes only a matter of seconds.
This is much quicker than using a chain and much
safer than climbing onto the truck bed to help push
or pull the pallet off of the truck.

Install ForkGrips using the integrated straps.

Dragging the load closer to the edge
With the ForkGrips on the end of the forks drive the forks
under the edge of the pallet or tub and lift the load slightly.
With the ForkGrips in position gently drag the load closer
to the edge of the truck bed.

Safely and easily drag the load closer to the edge of the truck.

Unload Truck

The load has been dragged to the edge of the truck without
any damage to the truck or product or injuries to the
truck driver or hi-lo driver.
Now the load can be lifted off the truck and taken to where
it needs to be with the ForkGrips still installed on the forks.

Now the load can easily be removed.

Remove ForkGrips from forks

Remove ForkGrips after use to eliminate accidental damage or loss.
ForkGrips easily store on the forklift next to or behind the drivers seat.
Keep a pair of ForkGrips hanging on the door of all your
trucks or in the cab with the driver for easy access when
delivering to places without a loading dock.

Remove ForkGrips from forks when not in use and store conveniently.


• Safer than having someone pull or push the cargo toward the forklift.

• No need to climb onto the truck bed.

• No risk of falling off of truck bed.

• Faster than chaining, strapping, pulling and prying.

• No need to wait for a dock to open-up to unload.

• Keeps trucks at docks less and on the road more.

• Truck drivers/dock staff won't fall off truck bed.

• No smashed toes from loads that slip off of the forks.

• No more wrecked truck beds from dropped loads.

• No pinched fingers from using chains.

• Stops product from slipping off forks and being damaged.

• Easy to store. • Always available.

• Inexpensive. • Long lasting. • Easy to use.

• Buy a pair for every truck and forklift.

Only $67.97
plus Shipping and Handling



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