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Portable Curb Ramps and Dock Plates

Poly Curb Ramp

New Poly Curb Ramp for use with hand trucks or wheeled carts
provides a safe and ergonomically correct method to move
heavy loads over curbs or up steps with ease.
The raised non-slip surface with 1" side rails provides for excellent
traction in all weather conditions on curbs or steps up to 8" high.
Constructed of high visibility safety yellow HDPE
for durable use with up to 1000 lbs load.
Lightweight (9 lb) ramp has 2 handles with rounded edges
for easy pick-up, carrying and handling.

Model: 1794
Dimensions: 27" L x 27" W x 4" H
Weight: 9 lbs.
Capacity: 1000 lbs.
Color: Safety Yellow
Material: High Density Polyethylene

1794 Poly Curb Ramp-Yellow
$79.95 ea.
plus Shipping and Handling

Plastic Curb Ramp

Plastic Curb Ramp Lightweight, portable ramp is a great choice
for areas where large or permanent ramps are not an option.
Molded entirely out of high-density polyethylene, this ramp
weighs only 9 lbs. making it easy to position where you need it.
Non-slip open grate surface allows snow, water and debris
to fall through for superior traction.
1-1/2"H molded safety curbs prevent hand truck run-off, while the
adjustable apron allows ramp to be used on curbs up to 8"H.
27" L x 27" W overall.
600-lb. capacity.
Not for use with motorized equipment.

75-269A Magliner Plastic Curb Ramp
$99.95 ea.
plus Shipping and Handling

Portable Poly Dock Plate

Hottest New Product in Dock Equipment
Save Money, Cut The Weight!

This new durable HDPE dock plate is designed for use with
two and four wheeled dollies, hand trucks, carts and pallet trucks.
It features a light-weight (32 lbs.) ergonomic design,
4" height differential capability, a raised non slip surface, a 750 lb.
load capacity, beveled entry and exit edges, two carry handles,
high visibility yellow, integrated guardrails
and powder coated steel legs.
36"L x 35"W x 5"H. Compliance: Meets OSHA 1910.30(a)

1795 Portable Poly Dock Plate for Hand Trucks
$165.95 ea.
plus Shipping and Handling

Poly Shipping Container Ramp

Model: 1795CR
Dimensions: 36" L X 35" W X 6" H
Weight: 25 #
Capacity: 750 #
Color: Safety Yellow

1795CR Poly Shipping Container Ramp-Yellow

plus Shipping and Handling


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