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TruckersMall Company Policies

Truckers Mall.net is a manufacturer and also reseller
of products to distributors and to end users.

Truckers Mall.net warranties merchandise to the
original purchaser to be free of any defects of material
or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.
This warranty does not apply to any alterations,
abuse, accident, or corrosive environments.
This warranty does not apply to acid washes, which can affect
the plating on chrome and discolor stainless steel.

Truckers Mall.net reserves the right to change or modify
pricing without notice due to unforeseen circumstances.

For customers with a credit account, terms are net 30 days.
A service charge of 1.5% per month shall be imposed on
all invoices not paid within term.
A $30.00 fee will be charged on all returned checks.
Orders exceeding $1,000 are based on cash sales and there
may or will be a 3% surcharge for credit card purchases.

All customers who wish to have a credit account with
Truckers Mall.net must complete a credit application.
Upon approval of the credit department an account will be established.
All orders will be shipped C.O.D. or cash in advance
unless a credit account has been pre-established.

We reserve the right to bill upfront for the products ordered
and a second transaction for shipping charges.

We occasionally have Overages on Custom Printing Runs
(Hot Stamp and Screen Print Mud Flaps)
We reserve the right to bill up to 5% overage on orders.

Truckers Mall.net shipping prices on our site are Continental USA only.
Shipping prices outside the Continental US, are figured on an individual basis.
Truckers Mall.net reserves the right to choose the most economical carrier(s).
If the Customer requests or needs special routing,
and/or a lift gate for delivery, the cost will be billed accordingly.
Any damaged or lost cartons must be immediately
noted on the freight bill with your signature.
Damages or shortages must be reported within 24 hours
of receipt of goods to Truckers Mall.net so that a claim can be filed
with the carrier and in order to be considered for credit.
No credit can be issued on any damages or
shortages reported beyond this period.

For International Orders, simply email us at:
to see if we Ship to your Country.

Due to the price of petroleum, and shipping charges constantly changing,
all shipping quotes are estimates until time of order.

No merchandise returns will be accepted for any reason
without prior authorization from Truckers Mall.net.
Merchandise must be returned within 30 days.
Goods returned in original, unopened cartons are subject
to a minimum handling charge of 15%
unless reason for returned merchandise
is the fault of Truckers Mall.net.
Shipping charges must be prepaid.
Goods returned in other than original cartons/boxes
and packing will be subject to an additional 10% charge
for inspection and packaging.
Items may be replaced by merchandise of equal value, freight collect.
Discontinued items may not be returned for credit.
Any damaged or lost cartons must be immediately noted
on the freight bill with your signature.
Bug Screens and Winter Fronts are Non-Returnable.
(we are not responsible for any possible color fading of Bug Screens
or Winterfronts, due to personal use or the elements)
Cancelled Orders on Custom Work (Mud Flaps, Bug Screens and Winter Fronts, etc.)
will be subject to a 15% Re-stocking Charge.
TruckersMall reserves the right to review orders and charge accordingly.

Custom mud flaps (especially non-standard sizes, as well as mud flaps
for pick up trucks, smaller trucks and cars) require accurate measurements
from the customer for our Production Dept. Mud flaps are produced to the
customer's measurements and specifications. We provide examples and
proofs that are approved by the customer before production begins.
Problems that arise after production are handled on an indiviual basis.

Once orders have been placed with us, any cancellation could be
subject to a 15% Cancellation Fee. Especially on items such as, but not
limited to Mud Flaps, Bug Screens, Winter Fronts and Rigguard Bumper Guards.
TruckersMall reserves the right to review orders and charge accordingly.

TruckersMall.net will be pleased to make you a .jpg file to show you
how your final product will look using your artwork/design.
In some cases, if we have to do artwork from scratch,
we will have to charge you/the customer for time spent.
We charge $45 per hour.
If you pay for artwork we will keep those charges on file so that
when you do decide to order you will NOT be charged for that time.
If you change your mind after we do the artwork,
our policy is to bill you for that time spent.
If you have any questions up front, please give us a call
and we can explain what types of artwork we will charge for.
Whether it is for examples or actual final artwork with your design.

By preparing artwork and designs, TruckersMall.net and employees thereof,
assume no responsibility for non-compliance with local, state or federal laws
and regulations, or for conflict with the rights of third parties in connection
with copyrights, trademarks, designs, labels or unfair competition.

Any problems with artwork, typos or spelling on custom designs must
be brought to our attention within 30 days of receipt of custom products.
It is the customers responsibility after that time.

• Using customer furnished artwork to make an example - No Charge
• Examples with just simple text and no special type font - No Charge
• Using customer furnished logo with changes to make the example -
Minimal charge on our discretion

Preparing artwork that is complex or from scratch - Starting at $45.00 per hour
(many companies charge a minimum of $75.00 per hour so this is still a bargain)
We apologize in advance for this, but our rates will help us stay competitive on our mud flaps
and keep the price fairer for all of our customers.

All of our brand features, TruckersMall.net™ and the TruckersMall™ logo are protected
by either applicable trademark, copyright and other intellectual property laws.
If you would like to use any of our brand features on your website, in an ad,
in an article or book, or reproduce them anywhere else, or in any other medium,
you need to receive permission from TruckersMall™ before doing so.



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For International Orders, simply email us
to see if we Ship to your Country.