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Cargo Handling and Restraint Products
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Flatbed Solutions

Tie Down Straps & Chain Assemblies
Tie Down Straps & Chain Assemblies, Winch Strap Assemblies,
Chain & Binders, Ratchet Buckle Strap Assemblies

Chain Assemblies with Clevis Hooks, Chain also available in Bulk, Clevis Hooks,
Lever Chain Load Binders, Recoilless Chain Load Binders w/Lever,
and Ratchet Chain Load Binders

Web Winches, Winch Track, Lashing Winches, Combination Winches,
Cable Winches, Winch Bars & Accessories

The world’s first ratcheting winch saves time and helps prevent injury.
With Ancra’s SilverCap™ Ratcheting Winch, you don’t have to remove the winch bar until
the load is secure. That can save you time while preventing winch bar slippage or kick-back.
Functioning just like a ratchet wrench, the SilverCap is one of those ideas that makes
perfect sense, and you wonder why someone didn’t think of it sooner. Like other Ancra
winches which are some of the strongest in the industry, these new patented winches
have a working load limit of 6,000 lbs. and a breaking strength of at least 18,000 lbs.
unless otherwise indicated. They comply with all DOT and California CHP regulations,
WSTDA-T3 and Canadian Standard 905. Silver Cap Winches are available in weld-on,
sliding or portable mount models and are all powder coated to resist abrasion and rust.
For longevity, the ratcheting mechanism is permanently sealed against moisture and road grime.

Flatbed Products & Accessories

Ancra presents GlideLock, an efficient and economical way to meet the latest
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) standards for fleets operating
flatbed trailers with either trailer rails, double L track or standard C winch track.
As the name implies, it glides into any position along the trailer rail or winch track to
ensure the correct pull-angle for securing the cargo, while keeping the strap inboard
of the rub rails and fastened against coming loose as the standard requires.
Once in place, it locks the winch straps in place for safe securement of the load.
It works with any standard flat hook strap.

Coil Racks, Web Accessories, Corner Protectors, Web Protectors,
Rubber Ties, Rubber Rope, Rubber Rope Hooks.

Deck & Loading Systems
Lift-A-Deck® II, Logistic Straps, Retract-A-Roll® II, Beams and Channel Assemblies

Logistic Tracks

Beams, Bars & Hoops
Shoring & Decking Beams, Garment Beam, Beam Sockets, Shoring Bars,
Cargo-Sta, Hoop Set, Cargo-Sta Replacements, Jack Bars, Cargo Bar Holders

Interior Accessories
Tie Offs, Pan Fittings, Door Pull Straps, Transmat® Friction Mats

Tie Down Straps & Assemblies
Cam Buckle Strap Assemblies, Ratchet Buckle Straps, Plate Trailer Straps,
Torque Limiting Ratchet Assemblies, Custom Nets, Specialty Auto Tiedowns, Soft Tiedowns

Utility Tie Downs
Mini Ratchet Strap, Ancra Lash with Ratchet Buckle Strap,
Heavy-Duty Ratchet Strap Assemblies, Multi-Pack Consumer Tiedowns

Ancra Utility Tiedowns are versatile and reliable for securing a wide range of
light- to medium-duty cargo. Made of high-strength steel and abrasion-resistant webbing,
they’re quick and easy to use, for secure performance in recreational, light industrial,
and agricultural applications. Other sizes and fittings available.

General Hardware and Webbing
Ratchet Buckles, Overcenter Buckles, Cam Buckles, Roller Buckles

The standard of the industry, Ancra’s durable buckles are designed with a unique latch
and patented fast release cam that reduces sprocket wear. Our broad line of steel
Ratchet, Cam and Overcenter Buckles meet your wide-ranging load requirements,
offering quick and easy release and secure locking tension.

Attachment Hardware
Wire Hooks, Flat Hooks, Snap Hooks, Rings, Track Fittings, Chain Attachments,
Clevis Hooks, Grab Hook Assemblies, RTJ Cluster Hooks

Specialty Hardware
Aircraft Style Seat/Logistic Tracks, Heavy-Duty Flanged Tracks, Single Stud Track Fittings,
Double Stud Track Fitting with Round Rings

Along with exceptional quality, Ancra’s broad line of webbing gives you a range of choices
to match your application. Custom-made according to our strict specifications,
Ancra webbing is treated for extra strength and durability, offering additional flexibility
and ease of use.


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