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The NEW TurboFlare 360 Emergency Lighting System

A Great Gift Idea for that 'Hard To Buy For' Person!

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TurboFlare 360
The TurboFlare 360 is a safety device that produces a bright
rotating light that lets others know your exact location!

The latest and THE BEST in safety lighting technology! The TurboFlare has already
saved lives around the globe, and has kept countless others safe.

TurboFlare is a multi-task, extremely bright, personal safety device that "may just save your life".
This revolutionary product is a true technological achievement in safety equipment.

We work with PO #'s for Police, Fire, Rescue and other agencies.
Net 30 to Departments and Dealers with Approved Credit.

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FREE to EMS agencies, our dedicated grants team provides departments with
access to the funding they need to purchase your products.
With over $25 million in funding in the past 4 years,
the grants program is delivering beyond expectations.

TurboFlare 360 SINGLES

TurboFlare 360 Singles

TurboFlare 360 Single

plus Shipping & Handling

The TF360 8 Pack Deployment Case

The TF360 8-Pack contains 8 TurboFlare units stored in a form-fitted
impact resistant carrying case along with a screwdriver and 32 slots
to store additional batteries for all 8 TurboFlares.

TurboFlare 360 8 Pack Deployment Case

plus Shipping & Handling

The TF360 8 and 10 Pack Generic Case

TurboFlare 360 10 Packs in Generic Case

TurboFlare 360 10 Pack Generic Case

plus Shipping & Handling

TurboFlare 360 8 Packs in Generic Case

TurboFlare 360 8 Pack Generic Case

plus Shipping & Handling

The TF360 3 Pack 'Crate'

TurboFlare 360 3 Pack 'Crate'

plus Shipping & Handling

We work with PO #'s for Police, Fire, Rescue and other agencies.
Net 30 to Departments and Dealers with Approved Credit.

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TurboFlare 360

Length: Approx 8"
Width: Approx. 8"
Height: Approx. 2"
Power: 4 AA cell batteries
Weight: 8.5 oz (without batteries)
12.0 oz (with batteries)
Light Source: High Output LEDs
Battery Life: Approx 88+ hours
Flash Rate:190 RPM
Visibility (Ground): Approx 5 miles
Visibility (Air): Approx 25 miles
Master Case: 20 units
Dimensions: 18" x 13" x 20"
Weight:19 pounds
Inner Case: 10 units
Dimensions:18" x 13" x 10"
Weight: 9 pounds

The TurboFlare 360 is:
• Weatherproof • Safe around gas and oil spills
• Shock resistant • Dependable and effective
• Brilliant and highly visible • Powered by 4 AA Batteries

The TurboFlare 360 has:
• No toxic emissions • No pollution
• No chemicals • No burns

It's easy to see why the TurboFlare remains the safety product of choice
for Police and Fire Departments around the world!

TurboFlare has kept them safe, and now TurboFlare can keep you safe too!

The TurboFlare 360 Replaces the dangerous incendiary flare!

Virtually every chemical in the Standard Incendiary Road Flare is a hazardous substance.
Additionally, incendiary flares frequently cause painful skin burns, and can destroy both clothing
and shoes. They are a clear danger to both you and to the environment. Incendiary flares cannot
be used at a traffic accident scene when there is a chance that gas has been spilled, nor can
they be used in high-wind conditions. The TurboFlare eliminates these problems and
many more, effectively and economically.

Will save lives!

Aids "first response vehicles" in locating stranded motorists, hikers, and boaters.
Plus it's great for 911 home situations, and more!

Can be seen for 25 miles via air and 5 miles on the ground.
The L.E.D. lights last up to 100,000 hours - Guaranteed!

Is environmentally friendly and safe to use versus
dangerous, incendiary road flares, which are a fire hazard!

Is quickly becoming the toughest emergency road flare in the world!

Will not blow over and will stay in place to ensure safety!

Is durable and weather resistant. (great for all kinds of weather)

What is the TurboFlare?

The TurboFlare is a multi-task, extremely bright, personal safety device.
This revolutionary product is a true technological achievement in safety equipment.

The TurboFlare is rugged, reliable, and economical.
Conveniently powered by only 4 'AA' batteries, it provides a bright rotating light source
visible from great distances, and the TurboFlare will run for more than 88 hours
on a single set of batteries!
The body is shock proof, vibration proof, and weatherproof

When everything else around you fails, you can always trust
your TurboFlare to stay strong when you need it the most!

Who Uses the TurboFlare?

Police and Fire departments are choosing TurboFlare technology around the globe.
Currently, thousands of departments use this technology to protect and serve their communities.
They know that they can trust the TurboFlare with their lives and the lives of those they protect.

When Safety is the standard - nothing beats the TurboFlare!

"Be Seen and Be Safe"

New TurboFlare 360, the personal emergency lighting system that may just "save your life".

It's "eye-catching" L.E.D. Technology brightly illuminates to signal help from miles away.

Protect your loved ones from oncoming traffic, and alert first response vehicles
to your exact location. TurboFlare's official look is also a deterrent to predators.

Use your TurboFlare for disabled vehicles, 9-1-1 home situations, distressed watercraft,
and outdoor emergencies; the TurboFlare 360 is your best way to avoid needless disaster.

"Saved time saves precious lives!"

Ways To Use Your TurboFlare:

• Standard Automobile Use • Emergency Home Use • Boats
• Camping and Hiking • Professional Trucks
• Parties • Off-Road Vehicles • Recreational Vehicles
• Motorcycles • Farm Tractors • Snowmobiling and Skiing and more!

"When You Need To Be Found
Keep Your TurboFlare Around"

The TurboFlare 360 was made with versatility in mind.
The design and use of this emergency lighting device goes far beyond simply
replacing the incendiary flare into many common activities that require your personal safety.
From allowing you to reduce the response time for emergency teams to locate your house
in 911 situations, to alerting rescue teams of your exact location while camping and hiking.

The TurboFlare 360 is the one piece of safety equipment
that can be used to protect you anywhere!


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